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Miyaki Amaya is an entrepreneur with a small eCommerce business. Yesterday, her Woo-commerce storefront was crashed. She was extremely worried. It’s because there’s not a single freelance developer was available to mend her WordPress website. Everyone in her contact was busy due to Holiday Season.

Today morning she decided to catch someone from outsourcing service providers. Luckily, she found WP-Agents available for an emergency WordPress support service. Bugs were serious and the website was prone to malicious attacks.

Emergency Support for 24/7 Help

She was amazed that when she contacted the 24/7 help service by WP-Agents it was midnight time.

Her request was handled by the technical support team within 10 minutes after her first chat with them using an AI-powered Chatbot. It means the experts were available round-the-clock and it was not mere promises made there.

Move Website on Staging Server

The team has worked for a few hours by transferring the website to the staging server. It was for safety and security purposes. Now, Miyaki was able to see those changes with the special link given to her. She was constantly communicating with the WordPress support and maintenance team at WP-Agents.

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Cooperative Support & Maintenance Team at WP Agents

WordPress developers in the support team seemed extremely cooperative and polite while making meaningful conversations with her. They quickly understood the feedback given by her and respect her wishes to make necessary changes in the eCommerce store.

Now, It Is Time to Buy A 24/7 Help and Support Plan

Miyaki Amaya has taken a complete preview of the entire store before giving a green signal to the team. Once everything was completed, she made her emergency support payment. After a few minutes, her online store was live on the web and giving quick responses to every click.

Now, the support team has made several recommendations to make her site perform well and grow her small but vital online business further. The last recommendation was buying a 24/7 help and support plan to get quick help and do business without such disturbances.

Based on the previous data, she calculated her losses due to the website’s crash. Indeed, it was a significantly high amount she had lost within two days of the gap in the business. The figure was enough to convince her to purchase a suitable plan.

She wants to make her decision based on the services included in each plan. Thereby, she requested the team to place their plans.

A 24/7 Help and Support Plan Pricing

The team has presented three plans:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Pro

Miyaki understood one thing well that her ecommerce store needs a minimum of services listed in the standard plan. For more features, the Pro plan seemed the excellent choice for her. For the blogs and other small websites, the basic plan seemed a good fit.

The plan prices looked comparatively cheaper when she examined the pricing structure of other service providers. It seemed the following ways:

  • $39 per month – Basic
  • $99 per month – Standard
  • $199 per month – Pro

A 24/7 Help and Support Services

Daily Backup Services

When Miyaki’s website was crashed the support team had asked her about the last backup availability. Fortunately, the recent database backup was available and taken by the hosting services she used.

However, it was somewhat different from the latest version of the website and she has to update the website once the restoration of the backup is completed and the site becomes live.

At that moment she realized that whatever hosting services are promising about regular backups of the site, they are not up to their words. So, she has checked the backup frequency in each plan. The plan structure contains the following backup services:

  • Once per Day – Basic
  • Twice per Day – Standard
  • Thrice per Day – Pro

She found the standard plan suitable for her small eCommerce site.

Regular Scanning Services

Antivirus and other malware scanning are mandatory at a regular interval. It will kill the potential threats before they emerge and prove threats to the system. Miyaki comes to know that the support team itself is taking manual as well as automatic scanning of the server and also insists you install and run their recommended software for device scanning. Thus, they ensure total cleaning of viruses and malware that can hurt your website and its back end.

Regular Monitoring Services

Regular performance monitoring assures the best site speed, quick interactions, and high ranking in the SERPs as the end goal. Besides these, the 24/7 help and support team also keeps watching on various parameters of SEO and security. It confirms that they take 24/7 maintenance seriously and protect you from all sides possible before any misshapen.

Regular Reporting Services

Regular and honest reporting is a trust-building and loyalty-winning exercise. Some reports need various visual formats like tables, graphs, charts, and even animation to get what the team had done and what is going on with your website in terms of different attributes and metrics.

Eventually, Miyaki has bought standard 24/7 support and maintenance plan from WP Agents and assured a permanent relief for her part. Do you need to discuss something on this matter? We invite you to have submit our contact form right now.

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