WooCommerce for your business

WooCommerce is an amazing e-commerce kit. This tool can transform an e-commerce WordPress website into an engaging storefront. Hence, many businesses are choosing WooCommerce for their business in 2022.

Market share of WooCommerce

A brief

WooCommerce is designed and created using the best practices of WordPress. It is a powerful and dependable plugin. This plugin has enterprise-level quality and purpose. It can help you to develop a standalone store online from scratch.

With it, you can enjoy intricate features. You can deliver the services/ items from your current WordPress website. You need to refresh or upgrade your subscription for this.

At times, your e-commerce store may run slow. This happens because of technical problems. It is best that you get support for WooCommerce.

Top reasons why should you choose WooCommerce for your business in 2022:-

This solution provides numerous features. It includes inventory management, order tracking, etc. WooCommerce has powered up to 8.7% of all sites. It is easy to work on WooCommerce.


You must install WooCommerce for the following reasons:-

  1. Integrate the procedure for sales
  2. Upload the product pages
  3. Payments
  • WooCommerce costing

Price is a huge factor for a retailer when choosing the platform. e-commerce apps may range from free to thousands of dollars. Many businesses choose WooCommerce because it is free to use.

With WooCommerce, you:-

  1. Can take the benefit of proprietary software licenses.
  2. Do not have to commit to costly support contracts.
  • Modular framework

The second reason why many choose WooCommerce is its modular framework. It has rich features. You can extend the purpose with additional plugins. The retailers who are using WooCommerce are taking the benefit of its modularity.

It has access to e-commerce extensions, WordPress themes, and plugins.

  • WordPress is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is wired by the parent app of WordPress. WordPress is popular because it is functional and flexible.


Numerous businesses choose WooCommerce with WordPress because it offers a foundation. This plugin is easy to use, secure, & fast. You can integrate the themes of WooCommerce and WordPress easily.

WooCommerce inherits all the strengths of WordPress. It can help to construct a top-class e-commerce experience.

  • Sell anything

Another major reason why businesses choose WooCommerce. It will allow you to sell any products/services from the website. You can sell anything using WooCommerce drop-shipping. You can even create digital products to sell online with WooCommerce.

  • Developers’ Community

This platform is open source. This means anybody can:-

  1. Develop new extensions
  2. Add the core features
  3. Free to make changes
  4. Develop custom themes

It has a widespread community of developers. This makes it an optimal option for security.

  • Powerful analytics

Built-in analytics is one of the premium factors in choosing WooCommerce. It will assist you to identify the behavior of the customer.

You can employ sales data and figure out about your customers. It will help you to create the profiles of your customers.

It offers an extensive set of WooCommerce analytics. This is displayed in an intuitive and clear interface. In addition, you can integrate the external services with Commerce. The existential services can be your Google Analytic e-commerce. You can integrate it with extensions.

  • Expand your business

If you are new to business then you need an e-commerce growth strategy. This will help to grow your store.

It is better to forecast your business. Make sure that you do not impose complexities on the website in the early days.

  • Best-in-class Content Management

Content plays a huge role in search engine and sales optimization. WooCommerce and WordPress provide a range of content management options. This includes landing pages, blogging, email marketing, etc.

WooCommerce is a big thing where content is taken into account. You can work well on e-commerce content marketing. It will help you to develop high-performing stores online.

  • Fast

WooCommerce can offer you a responsive and fast e-commerce experience. It is not a big detail if your store is huge or small.

You can combine WooCommerce with performance-optimized WooCommerce hosting. It will maximize the performance and will increase the speed of your WooCommerce store.

  • Easy setup and configuration

People who are less savvy must choose WooCommerce. You do not have to be technical or possess the knowledge to write codes. It is easy to configure, sign up, or even change the backend of the website.

Once installed, WooCommerce will lead you through the step-by-step process. For this, click “Setup Wizard” and fill in all the details asked. These details will be regarding your store, checking out additional services and upgrades, etc.

You can easily choose a theme and add your products. You can even set up options like payment, tax, shipping, etc. If you are not that adamant about perfection, you can develop your store in less than 30 minutes.

  • Themes

You will have access to a variety of WooCommerce themes. Some themes can be downloaded for free. You can personalize once you choose WooCommerce themes. In addition, you can change the color schemes, preset CSS styles, etc.

  • Flexibility

You will love WooCommerce if you are a fan of flexibility. With WooCommerce, you can sell virtual and physical products. You can even sell the membership to your users to access the website.

  • Security and Safety

Some open-source platforms are lacking in the security department. WooCommerce is one of the secure e-commerce platforms to experiment with. Sucuri Security monitors WooCommerce. It takes care of malware scanning, security auditing, etc.

In a nutshell!!

No other plugin can beat WooCommerce. It is the perfect blend of easy installation, affordability, user-friendliness, etc. The built-in reporting system has attracted many leading companies.

People choose WooCommerce in 2022 because it allows visitors to see the performance of the store at a glance.

It is quite exhausting to maintain an online store especially when there is a large flow of clients. A good WordPress support company can rescue you if you run short of time.

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