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WordPress is an awesome platform. On one hand, it is easy to operate without much knowledge of coding. Just be a power user, you’re done. At another hand, it demands adequate coding expertise on the platform. It is to do complicated and big things.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Looking at the easiness of the WordPress platform, many website owners think and even do WordPress maintenance by themselves. For example, personal blog owners and startups with budgetary constraints.

Unfortunately, they cannot go beyond certain activities like core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. When a complex issue arises, they have to search for an expert WordPress developer to deal with it.

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That’s why wise startups who are always busy with their core activities are on the way to finding a suitable WordPress support and maintenance company. Thus, they relieve themselves of such technical burdens.

In the Case of Extensive Customization

Now, I am going to open another facet of the coin. If you have selected a standard theme and done some customization using the plugin, you hardly need any help to update the core, theme, and plugin. However, when you have done extensive customization, these one-click updates are not possible and you need to find an expert to maintain everything.

Selling WordPress Maintenance Plans

Up to this point, I’ve talked from a buyers’ perspective who are going to buy WordPress maintenance plans for their WordPress websites. Now, I am going to talk at sellers’ points of view who are selling their WordPress maintenance plan in the market.

Sell Basic Services with Basic WordPress Maintenance Plans

As we’ve discussed above, most WordPress site owners are looking for basic services restricted up to updates and security. Therefore, basic plans are the cheapest and viable alternative for them to keep their website going on without missing any update or security aspect. For instance,

The WP-Agents basic plan includes updates and some basic security activities to the site going on smoothly. They offer monthly updates, some integration, monitoring, and email support.

Sell Standard Services with Standard WordPress Maintenance Plans

Many WooCommerce and mid-size businesses need emergency supports and maintenance. For instance, site crashes during the holiday season spike. Similarly, these sites are mostly highly customized and demand regular attention for updates. If you look at the maintenance plan of WP-Agents for standard services, you will find the following things.

Dynamic and busy sites are getting content updates from users too. Therefore, their back twice a day is essential. Bi-weekly updates are okay. Performance monitoring is essential. Hosting could be a problem so the majority of website owners hand over hosting affairs to the maintenance team. Manual code analysis is essential for security and performance.

Sell Advanced Services with Professional or Advanced WordPress Maintenance Plans

One thing that is important to take notice and it is the progressive mindset of WordPress owners who are buying standards to advanced plans. Most of the time looking for additional services and supports for their business. They look for SEO and content marketing services to do effective marketing of their business.

Similarly, they think of futuristic help like creating a mobile app from the website using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Therefore, WP-Agents like progressive WordPress service company offers such advanced services. Security measures at an advanced level are essential like code cleaning and monitoring. So, their plan has it.

Selling WordPress Maintenance Plans Tips

Consider Type and Size of WordPress Website

Most buyers come with a lot of queries before buying anything. The same happens in the case of selling WordPress maintenance plans. To meet the expectations and satisfaction of your buyers, the seller has to offer free consultation services by allocating enough time and the right experts to answer their queries.

The consultants have to consider the type and size of the site and the business of buyers before giving advice. Big businesses always wish to transfer their technical burdens to the WordPress maintenance and support team because they know the importance of technical hands in their online business.

SMBs always looking for affordability along with essential services. You have to keep room for them too.

Establish As A Stable WordPress Maintenance Team

Many WordPress development companies are offering WordPress support and maintenance services along with their core development work. Unfortunately, over time their focus shifts, and they jump to more advanced technologies or product development.

In such cases, they hardly have a stable team to offer consistent WordPress support and maintenance services. In fact, offering maintenance services mean you have to cling for a lifetime with that job and you need adequate expertise for the same besides stability.

In due course, WordPress maintenance selling company has to keep their trained developers for a longer period and anyone with some WordPress knowledge will not prove a viable option in long run.

If you are looking for such a stable WordPress maintenance selling service company, we would like to refer WP-Agents, which working for years and have a stable team to manage your website consistently and with an equal zeal that can lead you on the path of progress.

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