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Yesterday evening I received a call from my former client. For her, I have created a business website with a blog on the WordPress platform. It was about a common issue but demands the involvement of a WordPress developer.

By being a software developer, I usually never encourage my patrons to expect any active support beyond the one-year limit during the post-development period. So, I directed her to the WP-Agents team, which is an exclusive WordPress support & maintenance services agency known for its reliability and affordability.

However, after that, some thoughts were going on in my mind and I have made up my mind to write something about such common WordPress errors. So, WordPress website owners don’t panic about the common issues and initiate immediate support from an expert WordPress developer or a team.

An Essential Clarification:

Let me clarify one thing before jumping on the board. Official WordPress platform has acknowledged such common errors with details and solutions from a technical point of view.

Unfortunately, for busy business owners, it is useless and dangerous to follow any step without adequate knowledge and experience in WordPress programming.

So, I will not write anything about technical remedies of such common issues in the WordPress website here, but just something about the symptoms to recognize in the first place what the issue is.

It may help site owners to convey the problem in the right words to the support team.

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20+ Common WordPress Errors:

I have given a brief of 20+ common WordPress errors that most WordPress website owners face and go to the web to find either a solution or seek expert help to fix all.

#1 – Error Establishing Database Connection

We are aware of a fact that WordPress is heavily reliant on a database for its functionality. It means the needs for database connection are more than other CMS platforms.

So, if anything wrong happens with either database or establishing database connection, the interface pop-ups the error message.

The first possibility is incorrect information/data/inputs in the wp-config.php file. For instance,

  • Name of the database
  • Database access/login credentials like user name and password
  • Database host info

The second possibility is the issues with website hosting. Often the hosting server is down and you experience database connection problems in an already loaded interface.

Similarly, if your database exceeded its quota of storage, your hosting server either automatically shut down the site or the hosting provider does it manually.

The third possibility is that the website is compromised due to hacking activities. Of course, it needs scanning to detect and take expert help immediately before you lose any vital data from your database.

#2 – 500 Internal Server Error 

When your browser requests the hosting server to load your website, the server fails and displays 500 Internal Server Error.

It is mostly due to some internal errors that the server cannot resolve automatically and showing an error message.

There are multiple reasons behind it and the following are most likely to occur.

  • Corrupted .htaccess file and generating a new one by resetting Permalinks is the remedy.
  • Plugin compatibility issues can lead the server to show an internal error message and deactivating all plugins at a time can resolve it instantly.
  • Like plugin incompatibility, theme and child-theme incompatibility also lead your website’s server to display an internal error message. In such a case you have to switch to the default WordPress theme.
  • When your website crosses the memory limit established by the hosting provider, the issue can pop up. You can request the host to increase it or delete excessive data and interactions.
  • During a fresh installation process, if you try re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes files, you might encounter the 500 internal server error message.
#3 – 404 Errors in WordPress 

There are two kinds of errors that lead to 404 error dialogue boxes appearing.

  • Pretty Permalink 404 & Image not Working
  • Page not Found 404

If you experience a white screen error or 404 error dialogue boxes during an image uploading, consider Apache server’s mod_rewrite enabling issue. The hosting provider can solve it or you have to take the help of an expert to edit the .htaccess file.

Now, let’s talk about the 404 pages not found error. It occurs due to the custom setting of Permalinks and your mistakes in giving the same names of two posts accidentally. It needs resetting of permalinks and again going to intended customization.

#4 – Syntax Errors in WordPress 

Programming languages also are behaving similarly to real-life/spoken languages. When a programmer commits mistakes in writing code order or word order (Syntax) in PHP programming, the syntax error or PHP parse error occurs. So, it is purely the job of a programmer.

#5 – Connection Timed Out Errors in WordPress 

When a website demands excessive processes from the server and the server is found incapable to manage it, timed-out errors are displayed and requests from browsers are denied. Such errors are common in shared hosting where the scope for increasing memory limit is almost nil.

To revert from timed-out errors, you have to take some measures, including:

  • Deactivate all plugins
  • Switch to the default WordPress theme
  • Increase the maximum execution time in the php.ini file
  • Increase memory limit
#6 – Failed Auto-upgrade Errors in WordPress 

When the auto-upgrade feature in the WordPress site fails we used to encounter such errors. There are main three reasons for it, such as

  • A glitch in the connection during the upgrade process.
  • An issue in WordPress main files.
  • Incorrect file permissions.
#7 – Unresponsive WordPress Site to Changes

When you are making some changes either on the front-end or back-end interface and push button (save/submit) you end up with nothing. It means your changes are not accepting and reflecting on the website.

It is due to browser cache and you have to empty the browser cache and retry again.

#8 – Login Page Refresh or Redirect Errors in WordPress 

When you enter login credentials in the input fields and push the button, the same login page appears. It is due to the following reasons:

  • Wrong value in home URL or site URL field in the options table.
  • The inappropriate setting of permalinks.
  • Wrong redirect in the .htaccess file.
#9 – Memory Exhausted Errors in WordPress 

It occurs mostly in poor hosting solutions or the selection of the wrong hosting plan against your site’s requirements. Another possibility is intensive processes during WordPress, theme, and plugin updates.

The best remedy for this is to take the advice of a WordPress expert before selecting a hosting plan. Otherwise, you can upgrade your existing hosting plan and manage it.

#10 – Sidebar below Content Errors in WordPress 

Usually, a sidebar appears beside the content in a web page layout. If it displays below the content means either mistake in HTML code on the web page or CSS code in the theme file. Only an expert developer can find it and fix it. Not you.

#11 – Upload & Broken Image Errors in WordPress 

When you experience errors during the image upload process or see notifications citing images that are not available in the image gallery or on the web pages the main cause would be wrong directory permissions or broken paths. WordPress programmers can fix the issues with appropriate actions.

#12 – Locked Out Errors in WordPress 

Despite you have entered the correct login credential, you are facing locked out of your WordPress admin area issue, you have to think of two possibilities:

  • Any plugin or code can be the origin of the problem and your developer has to resolve it.
  • Your website might be hacked by malicious elements and changed the setting remotely to prohibit you from admin areas.
#13 – Header Already Sent Errors in WordPress 

When you try to modify information in your header area and are unable to do it consider it the syntax-related issues in coding. The same cause also is behind headers already sent an error message.

#14 – Sidebar below Content Errors in WordPress 

We often receive a call to the undefined error message and the reason behind this is the failure of a plugin to find a file or expected data. This mostly occurs due to the use of auto-install or upgrade plugins for a theme and other plugin updates. It also can happen if any mistake in function.php occurred.

#15 – CREATE Command Denied Error in WordPress 

When you are going to create anything new in the site elements or functionality it leads to the creation of a column or row in the database and you encounter this message. To solve the issue a developer has to go to the hosting panel and correct permissions or create a new user with adequate permissions.

#16 –Error-28 in WordPress 

Your cache on the server is full or your temporary directories are out of space due to the heavy accumulation of files and folders.

You have to delete excessive files and folders in your temporary directory. Similarly, empty the cache on the server.

#17 –Error-145 in WordPress 

This error message indicates that something is wrong with the database table like damage or corrupted. To resolve the issue, you need enough command over the use of phpMyAdmin. Otherwise, you can request your host to run a database check or repair after taking a backup of the database.

#18 –RSS Feed Error in WordPress 

It is an XML parsing issue due to a poorly formatted XML file. You might be aware of strict formatting rules in writing XML. So, your developer has to find out mistakes in the XML file and correct them.

#19 – “Upload Failed to Write File to Disk” Error in WordPress 

It usually happens when a problem with the folder permissions and you have to resolve it at the hosting level. Take the help of a host or an expert to fix it.

#20 – 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress 

When access to the server is denied for getting a particular web page, you may face this error. It is due to improperly written file permissions on the server or plugin that is poorly coded. Only experienced WordPress developers can resolve it.

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