WordPress Support Plan : Peace of mind, guaranteed.

Looking for WordPress support plans on-going for your Website. Our WP plans give complete peace of mind that your website is taken care of 24/7 WordPress support is constantly evolving and improving, and it’s vital that your WordPress website stays up to date, to ensure it remains security level and well-optimized, and benefits from continuous improvements in technology and design. You don’t need to worry about your website with our maintenance and support plans. We have designed to add value and support you in getting the most from your web presence with on-going support monthly basis.

Why Do You Need WordPress Support Services?

  1. Enterprise WordPress Support Plan
    Our full flanged WordPress maintenance & support plan WP Agents provide on-going support. A dedicated account manager will partner with you to help with all site tasks, answer questions, and plan any projects. In terms of short response time to any request, you will have a lot of add-ons that ensure your site is optimized and worry-free.
  2. Small Business WordPress Support Plan
    If thousands of people visit your site or you have less than a hundred, your site needs to be up and stay up. Our WordPress support plan takes all the measures necessary to make sure this is all up to date with a complete website taking care for maintenance. Our dedicated team will provide WordPress and Plugin updates, take daily backups, scan for malware, monitor uptime, and do everything else you'd need to know your site is up to date, working, and safe.
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Award-Winning WordPress Support Agency

WordPress website performance
Bug Fixing

Due to minor to major programming errors in code and logic often results in errors, bugs, and broken links.

Our expert WordPress developers can detect it and remove it forever. Bug fixing is a part of our WordPress support services....

WordPress website performance
Crash Management

Due to heavy traffic, attacks, and coding vulnerabilities your website can crash and shutdown occurs.

If you have already bought our support service plan, without any delay we attend it. Otherwise, with our support ticket system, you can make a request....

WordPress site safety

Programmatic incompatibility occurs at three levels:

  • WordPress version updates
  • Theme version updates
  • Plugins or 3rd party software updates
We have an avid team of WordPress programmers ...

WordPress site safety
Security Scan & Fixes

Frequent and regular security scanning is essential to keep the website secure from malware, viruses, hackers, and other malicious elements prevailing on the web.

We have a schedule for scanning at different levels in different types of plans. You can select it according to your needs and budget. We run various security scanning on the server and keep your site healthy.

secure your WP brand reputation
Analytic Support

We run different types of analysis to keep your website sound and well-functioning on the web. For instance,

  • Site speed
  • Site interactivity
  • UX & Usability
  • Site ranking in SERPs
  • Competition analysis
  • Growth scope and new marketing opportunity analysis
  • Feature and functionality scope
  • Conversion funnel and ROI analysis
WordPress remarkable

We offer our support system for various website optimization, such as:

  • Search engine optimization or SEO
  • Graphics optimization for better UX
  • Image and other multimedia content optimization for fast loading speed
  • UX element optimization for better interactivity
  • Website security optimization

WordPress Support Care Plans

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WordPress Support Services Plans at WP Agents

One-time Fix Support

In emergencies, we extend our helping hand for once only service seekers.

  • You can use our ticket system and explain your issue with the required details.
  • Upon receiving your request, we’ll see the scope of work and ask you for hosting access/cPanel details.
  • We’ll copy your website on our staging server where we’ll fix the issue.
  • Now, it is time to check the solution of your issue in our staging environment and upon satisfaction, you'll make payment.
Ongoing Support

If you have subscribed to any of our support plans, please leave a ticket with the required details.

  • You will have a dedicated support manager to manage your issue immediately.
  • We will fix the issue and also take care of it to not happen again.
  • We will take care of performance and hence ROI.
  • Buying our WordPress website support plan can save time for both of us, as you need not pass through a frequent payment process.
  • It also lets you focus on your core jobs.

WordPress Support Service - Choose the Right Plan

WP Agents are essential to ensuring the long-term reliability, performance and security of any website. We believe websites can be continually improved becoming faster, better optimized, and delivering better outcomes and our WordPress code reviews can help achieve this. 

Our code reviews give you structured, objective advice on the health of your WordPress website, prioritizing any issues or opportunities so that you can make informed decisions regarding future development.

We can also work on existing WordPress websites maintenance projects, we do a mandatory code review as during the client onboarding process. This ensures that we get the relationship off to the right start.

Wherever your WordPress website is at, our team will review WordPress code and it’s excellent starting point for improvement.

Once you purchase one of our WordPress support plans, You will immediately get access to the live support system, live chat, or email, or just contact us through the Dashboard. Please note that some services, like daily backups and bi-weekly reports, can take up to 24 hours to set up.

WP Agents promptly get in touch to explain the whole process, request access, and set everything up for you to fully integrate and ongoing. WP Agents provides support services for WordPress websites. Some maintenance tasks are less complicated than others, but they will still require your time and attention. But if you hire a dedicated team of WordPress experts, you’ll never have to worry about support plans again. After all, your job is to run your business, while we can take care of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions​

You can call the WordPress phone number +44 7540 215955 or visit our website WP-Agents.com for quick WordPress support.

You can reach out to WordPress agents by following email address support@wp-agents.com.

WP Agents available round-the-clock. Yes, 24X7X365 you can access our WordPress support services.

Our team works hours of manual optimization and premium plugins offered for free under our support plans, we deliver sites fast enough to have a notable positive impact on the websites. During onboarding, our team does a full audit of your website and hosting environment. This allows us to execute an individual plan for your website to lower loading time.
If you have a separate staging environment that you would like to test updates on, you will need to upgrade to our pro plan. Our Pro plan includes connecting your site to a repository and keeping you informed when the updates are ready for your review on staging before pushing them to production.
We are working with any of the hosting providers. We understand that different websites have different requirements and that clients have practical budgets that they have to match. Do contact us today for any queries you have about it and we’re also providing free hosting in standard and pro plan.